To provide an efficient and reliable transportation alternative for Honolulu’s congested urban corridor, the Honolulu Rail Transit Project was established in 2005, with the support of federal, state and local officials. The project provides for a rail transit route running from East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center, with stations at 21 key commuter and visitor destinations, including Aloha Stadium, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu International Airport and downtown Honolulu, Oahu’s core commercial and business center.

Honolulu’s modern, fully automated electrically powered, elevated rail system will take more than 40,000 vehicles off roads every weekday by 2030. Rail transit will deliver reliable and affordable transportation service, freeing Oahu’s residents from time spent in traffic congestion. The first section of the rail system, from Kapolei to Aloha Stadium, is slated to begin operating in 2020, and the entire route will be operational in 2025 when the remaining segment to Ala Moana Center is completed. (

The NEX® System is being utilized throughout the Honolulu Rail Transit Project to monitor concrete temperature and for mass concrete specification compliance.