July 8, 2019


Remote Maturity and Temperature Monitoring

Con-Cure NEX

Con-Cure NEX gives anyone with access to a web browser real time maturity and temperature information on any project where it has been deployed. No more physical trips to the job site to retrieve the information. Con-Cure NEX is a truly remote solution, communicating data to the cloud via 4G LTE technology, accessible through our easy to use online dashboard.

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Con-Cure NEX

On-Site Maturity and Temperature Monitoring


iDrop utilizes sacrificial loggers that are embedded in the concrete, and data is retrieved by connecting each sensor to a handheld reader. Unlike other systems, the iDrop Concrete Temperature and Maturity loggers are always ready to be deployed.

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Real-Time Temperature Matching & Monitoring

NEX® TruMatch™

The NEX® TruMatch™ Cure Box from Con-Cure uses smart IoT wireless technology to create the perfect curing environment for test cylinders, no matter where the cure box may be. TruMatch™ continuously monitors temperature on-site and matches that temperature directly to a sensor embedded in a test cylinder inside the box, for the duration of the curing period. Monitor changes remotely and in real time.

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