January 8, 2016

Why Con-Cure

Why Us

For nearly 20 years, Con-Cure has helped clients master the art of concrete maturity monitoring all across the globe. Because of our humble beginnings actually conducting this testing in the field for clients, we bring exceptional experience and a highly unique perspective to the intricacies of concrete maturity testing. There simply is not a concrete application that can’t be helped by Con-Cure’s unique methods and protocols.

Aside from our industry-leading experience and know-how, why else should you consider Con-Cure NEX as your concrete monitoring solution?

  • Con-Cure NEX provides unmatched access to vital concrete information. Instant, wireless data, viewable from any smartphone, tablet, or computer, designed that way from the ground up.
  • You get a team of experts and engineers devoted to ensuring your success with the maturity method.
  • No other system in the world features reusable sensors. Keeping your costs down helps you save money and also allows you to monitor more locations for better “coverage,” without a concern for the cost of the consumable. Other systems require you to embed expensive single-use sacrificial loggers for each location to be monitored.
  • Every construction team member can be given access to the concrete data, to greatly aid communication about critical concrete construction milestones.
  • Redundant, secure data storage eliminates any worry about data security.
  • Patent-pending ability to apply multiple maturity curves to a single node, so your nodes can monitor up to 3 different concrete mix designs simultaneously. For example, you can embed sensors in a column, a slab, and a cylinder using just one node.