Con-Cure recently partnered with Premiere Concrete Admixtures on a research and development project to support departments of transportation. The project showcased a new fast patch mix design for road repair workers. The mix doubles the workable time of the concrete without sacrificing rate of set. The mix also touts an increase in long-term durability due to the addition of an integral water repelling admixture, Impede® IntraSeal.

This type of concrete application is time critical. There may only be a 4-to-8-hour window while the road is closed to batch the concrete, place it, cure it, and then reopen the road to traffic. Mistakes can be costly and create unsafe roadways. In this type of application, the NEX® temperature monitoring system, in addition to the TruMatch™ curing box, gives stakeholders additional oversight and provides testing accountability.

NEX® monitors the curing fast patch concrete, and relays time and temperature information to the TruMatch™ box. The TruMatch™ box houses the test cylinders, and ensures that they are curing in the same conditions as the field concrete. This confirms that break test values truly represent the strength of in-place concrete. And when you’re re-opening a road for a 40-ton semi-tanker to drive on, you need that level of confidence in your test data.

For more information on how Con-Cure’s temperature monitoring, maturity, and curing systems can add value to your project, please contact us.