Introducing NEX

NEX®: View Concrete Maturity and Temperatures in real-time on any smart device NEX®, a revolutionary new concrete maturity system from ConCure, represents a huge leap forward in ease of use and lowered labor costs associated with monitoring concrete for temperatures and strengths. Using reusable sensors, ruggedized cellular concrete maturity meters send the data to the “cloud” where live, real-time concrete maturity data is viewed easily on any web browser, eliminating the need to travel to the jobsite merely to collect the data. Concrete maturity and temperature data is always available, from anywhere in the world, providing unequalled collaboration amongst construction team members. Intuitive software allows users to set up the concrete maturity meters in seconds. Instant text and email alerts can be sent based on various parameters of the curing concrete, such as high or low temperature values, concrete maturity and strength attainment, and temperature differential values (for mass concrete applications). Compared to any other concrete maturity system, the reduction in labor costs incurred when collecting the data provides compelling ROI metrics. Plus, rather than throwing away money on expensive embedded loggers, NEX saves money every day because the sensors are reusable. NEX is by far the most cost-effective concrete maturity system in the world.