iDrop Sacrificial Logger

Drop-in Concrete Maturity System with sacrificial loggers and handheld data collector.

Another option in concrete temperature monitoring and concrete maturity systems features sacrificial loggers where the “intelligence” is buried permanently inside the concrete, and the only visible evidence of the monitoring system is the single piece of wire sticking out of the concrete. Just hook up to the wire, tap “read,” and the data is safely stored on the handheld reader. The temperature history is viewed graphically, and the concrete’s maturity is then calculated instantly using the supplied COMMAND Center maturity software.

Unlike other designs on the market, the iDrop Concrete Temperature and Maturity loggers are always “running” and ready to be deployed. There is no need to manually initialize the loggers at the moment the concrete covers the sensor, so the user does not need to be present when they are buried.

Concrete temperature and concrete maturity monitoring

iDrop sensors are priced at just $35 each—the lowest cost of any purely sacrificial logger system on the market. Data is collected using a Trimble® Nomad handheld, which is ruggedized and contains the COMMAND Center 2.0 software.

With complete kits (50 iDrops, reader, and software) starting at just $2,999, there is no reason not to start using a concrete maturity system today!