NEX® Monitoring System

The Wireless Concrete Monitoring System with a difference

This is the next generation of concrete maturity and temperature monitoring: If you can pull up a browser window, you can instantly view the live, real-time status of your concrete, no matter where you may be. No downloads. No physical trips to the monitoring locations to collect the data. And, the system will even send you a text or email when the concrete has attained critical thresholds such as high or low temperatures, excessive temperature differentials, or in-place strength, letting you and your team know.

And all of this is accomplished with a system that uses fully retrievable sensors, which keeps ongoing costs the lowest in the industry.

We have assembled NEX into convenient packages, depending on your specific needs and applications. NEX allows seamless expansion.

Con-Cure NEX was designed from the ground up to give you and your entire construction team live access to the concrete curing data 24 hours a day from any internet browser.

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Con-Cure Concrete Maturity